Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Game Tester Jobs - New Opportunity

If you are a gamer then you might enjoy a game tester job. It isn't the highest paying job ever but it is fun and it can help you break through in the industry. These jobs are not easy to come by but there is one site on which you can surely find some work. Gaming Jobs Online is an intermediary between international firms and you.

For more information on game tester jobs you can visit the site I mentioned and you will surely not be disappointed.

When you join GamingJobsOnline and start working with our Unique Job System...
  • You can get paid to Play New and Upcoming Games
  • You can get paid to take online surveys and make from $5 to $75 each, or more
  • You can get paid to participate in focus groups and make up to $150 an hour
  • You can get paid to try new Games, Gaming Consoles, Controllers or other products and keep the free products too!
  • You can get paid to preview new movie or game trailers for $4 to $25 an hour
  • You can get paid to review new Games for up to $30 an hour

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Get Better at League of Legends

League of Legends is the most popular game at the moment and with its huge launch on the e-sports scene more and more players get into it but it is not as easy as it looks. Sure , you can get lucky and have a good game but most of the knowledge of the game comes in time , by playing hundreds and hundreds of games. I have played around 500 games and I was still a novice but then I found a guide. A simple , downloadable guide who helped me get better at the game and enjoy it more. This guide teaches you everything , from counter picks to vision wars , from individual mechanics to gank paths and builds. There is everything you could want in the League of Legends Guide. If you want to get better at LoL then you should check this out.
It even has a free trial that you can try and see for yourself that it works. Link here. 


Fastest Way to Level in World of Warcraft - Mists of Pandaria Included

Leveling in WoW can be time consuming and boring at times , especially if you already leveled 3+ other characters to maximum level. With this guide you can cut through the boring part in almost under 4 played days and after that you can enjoy your maximum level character.
<a href="" target="_top">Click Here!</a>

You can do this by using the Zygor Guides. They include everything you could ever want but the most useful for leveling is the "Leveling & Loremaster" Guide.

This leveling guide from Zygor is an in-game addon that will point you in the right direction and help you reach level 90 as fast as possible. You won't have to make your own paths and think ahead , you can just log in and enjoy the game while the addon points you in the right direction.

You will reach your quests faster than ever before because the Zygor Leveling Guide will calculate the fastest route including the use of your Hearthstone , unique class spells like the Mage Portal or by using Flightmasters. You will get there as fast as you can.

It also cuts down on time by highlighting quest rewards that are an upgrade for you or if there is no upgrade available it will highlight the item with the biggest vendor value. You won't have to look at every item and decide which is the best , the guild will do it for you and save you precious time.

This leveling guide contains the fastest route to level 90 but it also has a guide for the Loremaster Achievement. If you ever want to become a Loremaster and get that juicy title , this guide will help you with it and show you the way for every zone on every continent.

If you want to level in the fastest way in World of Warcraft Click Here!.

You can do a free trial to convince yourself of the power of this guide.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Hayden's World Of Warcraft Secret Gold Guide

If you’re like millions of other World of Warcraft players suffering from a gold shortage then you’ve come to the right place.

Hayden Hawke's Secret Gold Guide offers 9 modules that will help you expand your knowledge of the game and expand the size of your wallet as well.

Module 1 : Addons that you need and guides on how to use them in your advantage.

Module 2 : How to use the Auction House and tips on how to find cheap stuff and sell it for more.

Module 3 : Gathering paths , what to gather and how you should do it. Bank a fortune by gathering.

Module 4 : Crafting and banking that gold with professions. Learn how to make the most out of your crafting                   professions.

Module 5 : Fishing and Cooking is gonna' make you gold and bring you nice achievements and vanity stuff.

Module 6 : Farming outdoor places that will make you rich , maps and guides included as well.

Module 7 : Instance farming and what/when/how to farm to bring you the most profit in the shortest amount                    of time.

Module 8 : How to make gold before max level. Guides for low levels on how to make that gold.

Module 9 : Fun methods to make gold in WoW. Having fun and banking gold , all at the same time.

If you want to find out more about this guide , click here! and if you want to find out more about the in-game gold making add-on that will make you thousands of gold in no time check out this article.

Check out the Zygor Leveling Guide which will get you from 1 to 90 in under 4 days played. It is the fastest way to level in WoW. Click here!

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Tycoon Gold Addon - World of Warcraft

This is a small Tycoon gold addon review in which we'll look at the features of this addon and how it works. This addon will help you make gold in World of Warcraft by scanning the Auction House and determining what method would yield more gold in the least amount of time. It supports old-school farming/grinding , professions, gathering and AH flips.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Why are there so many apocalypse movies?

  I have a few things that I believe are the cause of this "problem" but keep in mind I am no behavioral analyst. I'm just a simple guy sharing my thoughts with the internets.

  In the past few years the number of apocalyptic movies has increased and I think that this is happening because of the unstable nature of our current economy and international relations. Another reason are the wars that keep on coming between countries. These unfortunate events make us think more and more about the end of the world and the guys making the movies are taking advantage of that.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Funny World of Warcraft Chat Pictures - Part 1

Some funny WoW pictures from around the webs , enjoy !

when you accidentally ERP the whole raid 

Burn !!!