Friday, 28 June 2013

Why are there so many apocalypse movies?

  I have a few things that I believe are the cause of this "problem" but keep in mind I am no behavioral analyst. I'm just a simple guy sharing my thoughts with the internets.

  In the past few years the number of apocalyptic movies has increased and I think that this is happening because of the unstable nature of our current economy and international relations. Another reason are the wars that keep on coming between countries. These unfortunate events make us think more and more about the end of the world and the guys making the movies are taking advantage of that.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Funny World of Warcraft Chat Pictures - Part 1

Some funny WoW pictures from around the webs , enjoy !

when you accidentally ERP the whole raid 

Burn !!!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Skyrim Funny Stuff and My Arrow to the Knee

Everybody loves some good laughs but those laughs are even better when they are related to a game we love and lose ourselves into. Here are a couple of funny Skyrim memes and photos.

Book Review - Looking for Alaska by John Green

The general idea - Boy who feels like he doesn't belong goes somewhere new , boy meets new people , boy who meets new people feels new things , has new adventures , loses the new thing that made him feel all the feels and then he wonders why and searches for the answer and while the answer he finds is not the answer he was looking for , not what he would have wished for , in the end he realizes it's ok.

I hope you enjoyed the non-spoilery spoiler part. The thing I got out of this book is that sometimes we won't get the answers that we want and it's ok to be frustrated at first if we can get over it whilst learning something.

The reason I loved this book it's because it took this boy who didn't belong and he gained friends and those friends became his whole world and this special feelings get torn away from him because he loses some of it and this begs the ultimate life question "Why?". There is no reason "why" and that's what is so beautiful about it , that's life.

Hot Gamer Girls and the Case of False Advertising

If you land here just because you are a perv ... I feel you but this isn't one of those sexy posts , this is a small rant about how guys on the internet usually insult gamer girls just because they happen to be of the opposite sex.

In my years of stalking the internet and playing many multiplayer games I have seen countless cases of girls getting insulted in many different ways and it's just so baffling because I can't see the reason behind it. Most of the guys on the internet seem to think that gamer girls are just some sort of cam "horse" (lol I r so funny kk). If they don't insult them then they will most likely sexually harass them or cyber-stalk them. Also I've used the word "them" a lot.

Guys , listen here , don't be dumb. Gamer girls are the same as us , they have the same passion for games as we do , they enjoy game marathons and lore and all the stuff. Just because they happen to be of the female variety doesn't mean they are faking their gaming interest and it certainly doesn't justify you slobbering all over or cyber-stalking.

This isn't even a rant , it's more like a tiny drop of what I think just because I suck at expressing myself , hence a blog. Writing and creativity exercises for the win!

The case of false advertising is the title itself and the tags , I'm so witty hurr hurr.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Call of Juarez - Gunslinger : Bounty hunting like a boss

If you feel like grabbing some of ye old guns and start shooting bandits and sheriffs in the year 1890 , this game is perfect for you. But wait , there's more ! If you get this game within the next 10 minutes you will also feel good about yourself while head-shotting guys and running from the police.

So basically in Call of Juarez - Gunslinger you are an old bounty hunter that tells stories in ye old pub. You will get to relive those stories and also experience the comical story-telling skills of your guy. That guy ... you know... the main character with a weird name that I don't remember even though I played the game for like 2 hours. Yeah.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Basic Nonsense: Lord of the Rings - Part 2

Part 1 here.

Them Two Long Sticks

It's time to start the nerdgasmic journey again ! This time with my main focus being the second part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and that is "The Two Towers" *dramatic sounds*. Jumping right into the action , my absolute favorite moment of this movie is the legendary battle at Helm's Deep. My spine shivers every time I see that battle , it's just so intense... you can taste the fear of the humans and smell the blood lust of the Uruk'hai. Obviously Aragorn is there to lead them and slay orcs like there's no tomorrow but that's just his job , right? Right... moving on , Eowyn makes her appearance , shining all over the screen with her yellow-ish smile and she gets a crush on ... you guessed it , right ?! It's Aragorn ! She fell for him so hard that sometimes I think she'll just tear her gown to shreds and show Aragorn those white and delicate ankles. She would show him some shoulder but then people would say she's a harlot... tough times... tough times indeed.