Monday, 24 June 2013

Book Review - Looking for Alaska by John Green

The general idea - Boy who feels like he doesn't belong goes somewhere new , boy meets new people , boy who meets new people feels new things , has new adventures , loses the new thing that made him feel all the feels and then he wonders why and searches for the answer and while the answer he finds is not the answer he was looking for , not what he would have wished for , in the end he realizes it's ok.

I hope you enjoyed the non-spoilery spoiler part. The thing I got out of this book is that sometimes we won't get the answers that we want and it's ok to be frustrated at first if we can get over it whilst learning something.

The reason I loved this book it's because it took this boy who didn't belong and he gained friends and those friends became his whole world and this special feelings get torn away from him because he loses some of it and this begs the ultimate life question "Why?". There is no reason "why" and that's what is so beautiful about it , that's life.

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